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Our Team
Our Pastor

We are currently in a search for a new pastor. 

Brenda Neidel, Administrative Assistant 

                                                           Brenda has been our Administrative Assistant since June of 2020. She is the friendly voice                                                                 you hear on the other end of your phone call and the great big welcome you receive when                                                               you walk in the office door. Brenda is our administrator extraordinaire. She creates our                                                                     weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters, manages our worship and serving schedules, and                                                             is the one who keeps us organized and on track for ministry.

                                                           Brenda was in the medical field for 45 years until retiring in 2013. She has two children and                                                               one grandchild. Brenda's heart is big, she is also the Founding Director for Helen's House, a                                                               non-profit she started in May of 2019 in Odessa that provides new and gently used clothing                                                               to K-12 children and mothers living in the Odessa R-7 school district. Brenda has lived in                                                                     Odessa for six years and enjoys being part of the community.  To email Brenda or the                                                                         church office click here

Randy Rudd, Custodian

                                                          Randy has been our Custodian since August of 2021. He has had a long and wonderful                                                                      career as a professional musician. We are fortunate to have Randy on our staff to care for                                                                  our building needs.                                                         

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